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June's Journey - Hidden Object is an object discovery game set in the 1920’s that invites you to help the fearless protagonist, June, to uncover the strange circumstances surrounding her sister’s murder.

Like with most other similar games, in June's Journey - Hidden Object you get to visit tons of different rooms where you have to find objects that are hidden within the setting. The faster you find them, the better your score will be.

Once you’ve found the objects you need, you can continue with your adventure. Most of the time you can talk to other characters who’ll (usually) guide you to new settings or new characters. Either way, during these scenes you can find out more details about the story.

June's Journey - Hidden Object is an intriguing adventure that offers well-made characters and incredibly detailed settings. The fact that the visuals are exquisite and they include outstanding drawings always helps, of course.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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